Easy Ways to Deal With Your Broken Water Pipe

Have you ever arrived home surprised by a flooded room? If you have, then you know how cumbersome and chaotic it is having your water pipe bursts. Worry not, you can pick up some handy tools at your local hardware store that can help you to fix the broken pipe. However, you need to move immediately so that the water from the damaged pipe would not create any safety risks. Here are the simple steps to fix you damaged water pipe:

The first step you want to do is turning the power and water off. Try to locate any power source or electrical component near the damaged pipe and turn them off. You need to be very mindful with this step because electricity and water don’t go well together. Please do not attempt to turn off the electricity if you see your fuse box has any water damage anywhere near it. Call an experienced and professional plumber who can handle it with safety would be a wise option.

Next, spot the damaged pipe so that the flowing water can be stopped. To stop it, you have to locate the “isolation valve”. It is a small device on the pipe that has a stopper and dial. Then, you need to turn the dial on the valve by at least 90 degrees by a flathead screwdriver. It will internally block the pipe and eventually stop the flow of water.

Afterwards, you will need to locate the stopcock. The stopcock is the water valve that has control of the entire water supply to your home. It’s usually the one under the sink, on the hallway, or near the main water pipe hooked up to your home. Once you find it, turn the handle clockwise. It should close off the water supply to your plumbing system. Also, please be sure to turn off any water for your water heater or heating system (if you have radiators).

Lastly, you need to repair the broken pipe. It is not easy and requires particular tools and knowledge. If you know how to cut and solder then you need to cut out the damaged area of the pipe before fitting the new one. The different process would be required but it depends on the type of the damaged pipe. It’ll be best to call an experienced and professional plumbing team to make sure repairs are done correctly and safely. Have your pipes repaired today by making an appointment here at Mr Splash Inner West 

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