As a part of every homeowner’s daily operational, a drainage system must be in a good and functional state. Although, sometime, later on, there will be some warning signs that can be detected when it comes to a blocked drain issue. A blocked drain can only lead to stress, inconvenience, and additional expenses to you and your family. Hence, the following below are the general signs for a blocked drain that you should watch out for so that you know what to do:

  • Toilet water levels

The unusual amount of water will most likely happen to your water level in the toilet bowl. Or it could be from the water level rises as you flush the toilet, slowly draining away.

  • Slow draining water

Slow draining water could happen in your sink, bathtub, or shower. Over the open drain or floor waste, water can build up, then slowly drain away, instead of immediately. After a certain period of time,  the blockage will become even worse since any objects entering the pipe like hair or food scraps are not going to be able to pass the obstruction

  • Foul smell

Over time, all the stuff that is trapped within the blockage would start to break down then decompose. The water would become stagnant, which leads to a foul smell surrounding the affected drains, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs

  • Noisy/gurgling Drains

You might hear a gurgling sound from a tub, sink or your shower. The noise is produced by a tub, sink, or shower that’s affected by a blocked drain. It is simply because the water is difficult to freely drain away

Blocked drain symptoms: From within your home

There is a possibility that you have a blocked drain issue when you have any of the

following symptoms:

  • Incomplete or complete unknown items within the WC bowl.
  • The shower region backs up with water whilst you are deploying it.
  • Gurgling sounds or bad odour would most likely be produced by the flooring

waste drain in your bathroom whenever you are using the taps

  • Slow water drainage and water flow from showers, laundry tubs, kitchen, or

bathroom basins.

  • Musty smells within your home’s interior imply a non-existent or partial

sewerage exit from within your plumbing system.

Blocked drain symptoms: From outside your home

You have to watch out for any of the symptoms below in terms of stormwater drains

occurring outside of your property:

  • On the street sewer, the water would flow out when it’s not even raining.
  • Strange green spots around the yard region
  • Flooding occurs to grates, waste material, and sewers
  • Concrete that is chipped with water leakage
  • Overflowing occurs to downpipe or drainage pipe.
  • Water produced straight from the ground.
  • Outside your house, you would see that after pool buildup even though the rain has not been pouring down
  • Building movement, which the fractures from inside or outside the open walls

Blocked drain issues solutions

When you discover the blocked drain symptoms ahead of time and have them solved, you will cope with less amount of work as well as expenses–drastically. A lot of people would you will need to fix blocked drain issues on their own. It is easy to understand given that there are numerous products available to you in the market that guarantee you they could unclog your drain in only minutes. The thing is those products contain harsh chemicals that may trigger even more damage to your plumbing system. Hence, you are strongly advised to turn to a professional plumbing service like Mr Splash Inner West to take preventative maintenance actions to ensure your blocked drain symptoms do not lead to a more serious issue. Have your pipes repaired today by making an appointment

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